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STEAM Train is a non-profit organization that seeks to develop the next generation of STEM innovators
and serve as a conduit for growth, development, and advancement for the community.


The STEAM TRAIN has developed strategies that will intentionally recruit and train girls, women,
and underrepresented populations to pursue fields of study that include STEM disciplines. 
The future will be brighter as we illuminate their path, increase their awareness of related careers,
and develop the skills needed to increase their earning potential.

Why is STEM
Awareness Important?

STEM jobs are growing at 1.7 times the rate of non-STEM jobs, and the U.S. is simply not producing enough candidates to fill them.


Only 16% of high school seniors are interested in pursuing STEM careers, according to the Department of Education,
yet STEM workers command higher wages, earning approximately 26% more than their non-STEM counterparts.

Goals of STEAM Train

The STEAM TRAIN will seek to develop specific ways to attract women and underserved communities to STEM. 
Some of the program’s goals are listed below:

  • Develop learning communities that intentionally seek to include single parents, women, and others living below desirable living wages for the purpose of empowering them to see beyond their local circumstances to the possibilities that educational advancement can afford. 

  • Partner with community agencies, industry partners, educational, and government leaders to create a network
    of resources that will support the vision of the program to intentionally prepare women and underrepresented populations for careers in STEM.

  • Seek to remove the barriers to success in the field of STEM
    such as the lack of technical resources in the home, fear of technology and math, and the lack of understanding of the higher educational system.

  • Leverage the power and influence of professionals of color who are successful in STEM to inspire underrepresented populations contemplating this field.

  • The STEAM Train will expose young people of all backgrounds to the world of STEM and give them opportunities to hone skills needed to advance in today’s highly technological world. Additionally, we will encourage the development of strong interpersonal skills, and a sense of confidence to face the future with hope and determination.

  • Assemble a group of advisors who are professionals from the field of STEM to provide thought leadership to the development of a sustainable program in our community.

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