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Computer Repair


Remi Ball
Graduate of Fast Track Academy
Remi works full time at Global Help Desk Services, Inc.

Welcome to Fast Track Academy!

Earn 4 Microsoft IT Support Certificates in 24 weeks

We are excited to guide you into your new IT career. No previous experience or knowledge required to successfully complete this program. Your commitment to earning your information technology support certifications will prepare you for all the unlimited opportunities a career in IT can take you!

Certificates earned:

  • IT Support Specialist / Help Desk Professional 

  • Windows Desktop Setup & Troubleshooting 

  • Computer Networking & Systems Administration 

  • Microsoft Teams Application Services 

Program includes:

  • Tutoring and wraparound support

  • Hands on classes

  • Paid apprenticeship at technology firm

  • Access to Microsoft’s network of partner companies for employment opportunities when you graduate

  • Professional job coaching and resume help

  • No tuition payback is required after employment

Enjoy the Freedom to make BETTER happen!

FAST Track Academy is helping people make BETTER happen. Listen to hear how graduates have used their new careers in IT to change their lives. 

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