STEAM Train partners with other organizations to fulfill its mission

Tim Laubacher

Tim Laubacher is CEO and owner of
 Sound Web Solutions, LLC, providing strategy and development services to startup web and mobile-based companies and to organizations that serve entrepreneurs. After selling his first company in 2010, Tim started Sound Web to focus specifically on serving web and mobile-based companies. Launch EZ, a service of Sound Web, is a platform Tim started that connects entrepreneurs with key resources in their community. Tim mentors aspiring tech entrepreneurs and is an active member of the Connecticut entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Tim co-leads the Fast Track Academy along with Donna Hylton.

Ramona Hylton 

Ramona Hylton is owner of Hylton Design, a graphic design business that seeks to reach the world with the Word through design. Hylton Design specializes in serving churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations with services that include: web design, print and media production, logos, sound, and animation. Ramona has a Master’s degree in Digital Media from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Information Systems from Central Connecticut State University. 


Ramona serves as the Fast Track STEM Career Academy’s tutor and design consultant.

Randi McCray

Randi McCray is the Founder of, CT Urban Technology Collaborative; she is also an adjunct professor at Post University and Gateway Community College. Randi has worked in the field of IT for 15 years, now she continues to inspire young people in the field of technology through her STEM community programs. She is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Public Policy and Social Change.


Randi partnered with the STEAM Train in offering a Mobile Application Development Programming Camp for teens.

Shiloh Christian


Shiloh Christian Church is also a partner of the STEAM Train. Meetings for the Fast Track STEM Career Academy are held in the facilities of Shiloh Christian Church.
The church has also provided participants with laptop computers for use during their training program.

Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College 
was the host site for the Mobile Application Development Programming Camp that STEAM Train hosted in the summertime
for area youth and parents. The college also made a monetary donation to help cover the cost of instruction for the camp.


Wesleyan University's Non-Profit Board Residency Course has offered STEAM Train two students to serve on our Board of Directors for a year. Wesleyan is also the host site for STEAM Train’s Fast Track Web Development classes. 

Upward Bound


STEAM BOUND is a collaboration between STEAM Train and UPWARD BOUND MATH SCIENCE (UBMS) of Wesleyan University. The goal to enrich the existing offering to the UBMS participants by providing specific exposure to the disciplines of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, digital Arts, and Math).

Hallam - ICS

Hallam-ICSan engineering,
control system integration and commissioning firm, is the newest partner to join STEAM Train. They
are teachers for the STEAM Bound Program & Adventures in Learning STEM Camp. 

Middletown Public Schools

The Middletown Public School District is partnering with STEAM Train to offer after-school programming that will increase exposure to the disciplines of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, digital arts, and mathematics) especially among racially underrepresented students and their families.

Global Help Desk Services, Inc.

Global Help Desk Services, Inc., provides help desk outsourcing services to enterprise-sized companies. They are a partner with STEAM Train and a member of the Gleaner’s Portion Network, a group of compassionate employers who are willing to give graduates of STEAM Train an opportunity to work within their company.

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